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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - News Analysis] Japanese Aastamuse is a collection of patent information in Japan and abroad and other official data and analyze the strength of the company's corporate intellectual property. The company in June 10, 2014 discloses the column "Brazil World Cup concern of the world's top players soccer shoes Big Secret", this serial re-edited by the NikkeiTechnology made based on the content of the column. I will be in Germany, Adidas, Nike, the United States and Japan, Mizuno dominated the three companies, sub-regi Cheap air jordans for sale on (Japan, USA, Europe) analysis of each enterprise's intellectual strength. First we look at the Japanese market. football shoes Patent foreign enterprises to the Japanese Patent Office to apply for a total of 1441. Aastamuse for which each patent, the advantages and disadvantages into value, calculated intellectual strength score. Intellectual property when calculating the score for each patent enterprise application, refer to the "leading technology often cited as" the target. On papers, the evaluation cited in itself an indicator of the paper, the initial Retro jordans for sale search algorithm Google uses PageRank concept is similar. Figure 1 indicates IPR score on the horizontal axis. On the basis of the scores, but also can be combined with an effective remaining life of the patent (the patent is valid), etc., considering the fractional deviation values ??of all patent applications, calculate the overall strength of intellectual property rights. This is the vertical axis in Figure 1. In addition, this figure is equivalent to the size of the circle of the number of patents held. From the results, Mizuno held technical quantity (s cheap jordans for sale ize of the circle) the most. A total of 103, far higher than the Adidas ranked second (29, refer to the following table). However, the overall strength of intellectual property rights (vertical axis in Figure 1), the Nike top, Mizuno and adidas basic equal. This is because there is a difference in the effective remaining life of the patent's sake. In particular, the table average advantage of remaining life (as compared with other companies in an effective remaining life of the average dominance patent), Mizuno was 1.75 years, while Nike up to 10.39 years, it see Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ms the overall strength of an impact. In other words, Nike holds a lot of new patents than any other company has the advantage. Next, from a different angle, from the importance of the technology as well as the enterprises held by the proportion of important technical analysis. Figure 2 according to the useful life and the degree of influence on other companies and so on, the technology was scored. The horizontal axis of FIG. 2 rating. Higher technical score divided by the total number of technology the company held by the value obtained with the longitudinal Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping axis of Figure 2 is represented, which is the company's technical strength. The higher the proportion of business location in this figure closer and on, on behalf of the "All-Star" technology. From the results point of view, the advantages of Nike highest, followed by Adidas, Mizuno is far behind the other two companies. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)surprise is so sudden! The day before the adidas alerts Twitter account news release to determine cheap jordans online Adidas NMD will be available in March 17th the first year of color again. Right, is that at the end of last year's first sale of Adidas NMD, those in various social media platforms at least Shuabing for three days before the release of NMD, which gathered all eyes, NMD was immediately sold out after the sale of looting. Although years later, , Adidas released NMD joint color shoes, and will be on sale in March a variety of NMD new color matching, really comfort a lot of friends. But before missing the first pair of color matching friends, or for the first ye cheap jordan shoes for men ar of the blue, red module color never forget. This again you want to start offering can grasp the opportunity, but offspring official Instagram account yesterday announced that the first year of NMD color Size 5-11, has 6 stores in the UK today, the first sale, want to start with a friend needs a little more thought. As for the relevant information about the specific selling shops in China, we should also pay close attention to the follow-up News reported by NOWRE recently. Air Jordan Series in recent years will be offering the championship series, after the A Retro jordans for sale ir Jordan VI and Air Jordan VII champagne, cigar set, 2016 Air Jordan VIII Retro C& C champions officially announced. A series of three consecutive years, a complete commemoration of the Chicago Bulls team's first three consecutive albert. This year's Air Jordan VIII takes COFETTI &, CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY as the theme, and the black COFETTI represents confetti for the championship celebrations, while the platinum color represents the championship trophy. The Japanese region is expected to take the lead in June 23rd, and the Chinese market may take good care of the cheap jordans for sale mens follow-up reports we have brought to you. Aaron Kwok in breaking up with Lynn, in an interview with shoes as a metaphor: "like a pair of shoes don't fit, feet are often uncomfortable, you will want to change a comfortable pair of shoes, we have to walk every day, like nearby of friend should find the right to wear up, code will not hurt themselves, to bleeding, wound is not healing, find another pair may be better, the feelings of the world are think so." in general, regardless of your feet feet wide, or toe shoes back, running shoes are usually a good choice. Bu cheap foamposites t Guo king so afraid of the shoes do not fit, we from the view of his daily mix, running shoes on the foot rate is minimal, managed to see Guo king put on a pair of running shoes, but also to complete the endorsement tasks, such as: although Guo king wear what is his freedom and his shoe theory "is not without reason, but Xiaobian think, choose a shoe like looking for a partner, especially running shoes, can not see it whether it was good, so we want to how to find the right shoes? first of all, at least you have to know yourself: choose a pair of shoes suitable for their own, to understand their own foot type. Inversion of pronateur= too the lateral heel wear the medial forefoot wear called overpronation varus supinateur= insufficient: the hind paw paw is lateral wear under pronation, calledin this world there are three kinds of foot shape: Pronation over: inversion (internal rotation) over pronation: normal foot Pronation under: the inner spiral (internal rotation) is less than each foot are relevant to you and the arch height. The fastest and easiest way to test is the "wet foot test": in the tray water poured into a small amount of will be a foot completely immersed in water foot wet will foot on a blank piece of cardboard on deep on foot after up, then the watermark is your paper arch shape. : normal arch normal arch you can wear any type of running shoes, generally stable Department shoe is best, because it can provide enough support to you in the middle of the arch of the foot. For the light weight, the normal arch runner, neutral slow shock without any support of shoes more appropriate, from the point of view of mechanical motion. This is the most efficient. : low archEasy low arch heel you run outside and form overpronation, easy to increase the joint. recently, in the "spicy chicken" Nicki Minaj released the new single "Anaconda" MV, as "spicy chicken" Nicki Minaj friends duck "elder brother" Drake again friendship play man and a number. Sit on the stool of duck brother wearing a pair of has never been exposed to a new version of the air jordan 3, shoes have black and white mosaic and, tie-in black outsole with white midsole, upper with unique cutting texture decoration, the overall low profile and rich details. source: nickiminaj