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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] on the current Chinese sports market, "boss", "second" are Germany, the United States, Nike and Adidas, Anta temporarily in the third to chair. stable market position, Shizhong there is a more long-term goal is to make the world a brand Anta. "In the past, Nike, Adidas, let us not sleep, and now we have to let them sleep." Shizhong unashamedly. Shizhong said that at present in the Chinese market, there is not a completely pure reta cheap foamposites ilers, especially in shoes and apparel industry. A brand of shoes and apparel companies want to do, you have to open up the whole industry chain, it is necessary to run the plant, but also shop, need to do branding, doing product design, store display, terminal sales, which is an extremely difficult road, not every company can do. Shizhong repeatedly, shoes, sporting goods industry, although traditional industries, but they are closely related to people's livelihood, never stale, always a sunrise ind Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ustry, the key issue is the need to use innovative thinking to promote the traditional economy restructuring and upgrading. 1999, Anta first invited endorsement Kong Linghui table tennis players, becoming the first company to successfully build the brand through celebrity endorsements of the enterprise; in 2005, established the first domestic Anta Sports Science Laboratory; 2007, Anta successfully landed in Hong Kong main board, hit the capital market to raise the amount of earnings and the industry Cheap air jordans for sale first; in 2009, Anta Sports Science Laboratory established won the National Enterprise Technology Center; 2011, Anta sales of nearly one hundred million yuan, China's sporting goods industry leader; 2009 and 2013, Anta twice to become the Chinese Olympic Committee partners, each signed four-year, sustained help Chinese sports career forward. Anta's reputation is not done overnight. . "There are three stages to do the brand, first as visibility in some way to let others know you; do reputation, so peo Retro jordans for sale ple like you; Finally, loyalty, so that consumers trust you, rely on you," Ding Shizhong said: "Do visibility is very easy, but it is difficult reputation and loyalty, which need to adhere to, a lot of people lose at this point. " "Anta Why spend so much time doing innovation, spend so much money to do science and technology, do the store to upgrade, do employee training? It's all to do reputation and brand loyalty." Ding Shizhong said. Over the past decade, Anta has successfully developed more than Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping 40 national patents, with strong support of science and technology, breaking the "foreign brand" monopoly professional sports equipment "curse." Currently, Anta has a national water sports center, winter sports center, sports center taekwondo, gymnastics center and lift fall soft sports centers and other five major sports management center 24 team offers a full equipment. Shizhong believes that the domestic brands due to the difficult international, Chinese culture does not really go out. Foreign ma Retro jordans for sale rkets to really recognize, respect or love one Chinese brand full of great challenges on ideology. "Because the brand itself is a culture." Shizhong believes that China sporting goods industry is ushering in another golden years. In October this year, "the State Council on Accelerating the development of sports industry to promote the views of sports consumption," the official announcement, the fitness rose to national strategies, and detailed planning of the direction of China's sports industry deve cheap jordans for sale mens lopment and physical fitness, a positive development of the sporting goods business effect. The overall objective of the ANTA Shizhong as: to achieve one million pairs of shoes in 2020, surpassing Adidas or Nike, has become China's sporting goods market, "second." "Why is the & quot; second & quot; instead of & quot; first & quot ;? since become & quot; leader & quot; there are many uncertain factors, and the second just before we are in, there are plenty to go beyond the basic . based on "Ding Shi cheap jordan shoes for men zhong explained:" measure of an enterprise, that is, position in the industry, so we gave one of his pressure are: the market position can not go backwards "(Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre. Cooperation Media: Seasons Bear shoes & nbsp;)The day before to introduce Earl. 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Source: highsnobiety& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the world's largest sporting goods manufacturer US Nike 21 published financial results, due to the increase of the stock purchase rights aspects of expenditure and cost of sales exceeded revenue growth, ended August 31 The 2006-2007 fiscal first quarter, net income was $ 377.2 million, down 13%. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; However, despite the decline in its profits, Nike's performance this quarter still exceeded Wall Street expectations. Reported earnings per share for the quarter, Nike is $ 1.47; sales revenue of $ 4.19 billion, an increase of about 9%. Nike said the quarter, the company's cost of stock options in respect of up to $ 40.8 million, when adjusted for this part of the expenses, the company's net income for the quarter decreased by only 3%. From a regional perspective, the quarter, Nike's sales in the Americas region rose 6% to $ 1.6 billion; revenue in Europe rose 4 percent to $ 1.3 billion; revenue growth in Asia Pacific and the Americas fastest average soared 13%, reaching 518.4 million and $ 242.5 million.